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'Pathao', not just a ride service, it's a courier service as well

'Pathao', not just a ride service, it's a courier service as well The employees of the 'Pathao' courier service pose for a picture. -Collected

Yeah, sure, that's the up and coming ride-sharing company of our country. But I'm not talking about the ride-sharing aspect of it right now, I'm talking about the service that it offered before. Pathao basically started as a courier service provider. As the number of e-commerce providers increased rapidly in Bangladesh, the providers felt a need for reliable delivery services.

So Pathao started their operations to fill that gap and successfully expanded to new business phases. Now, Pathao has partnered with over 200 merchants in Dhaka city alone, and daily delivers more than 2000 parcels inside and outside Dhaka. The Pathao Delivery motto is to provide top-notch benefits at the absolute minimum costs.

But that's all common marketing spiel from companies, right? How do I know if it's actually providing the services that it promises? Well, to answer that question, we have to listen to the consumers who have already used Pathao's services. Let's hear a story from one of the e-commerce merchants who used Pathao's services before.

So, the f-commerce store I'm talking about is named The Bunny Store. They're a Facebook-based store, operating from a single page. They sell various products, ranging from decorative pillows to cute teddy bears, even fairy lights. So, as the store-owners were students back then, they didn't have the scope to deliver personally every day.

So, at first, they used their own drivers, even sometimes delivered personally on the weekends. After a few months of operation, the business got quite popular and delivery was turning into a huge hassle and they had to look for better options out there. They came to know about Pathao and started taking their services and were pleasantly surprised at the amount of flexibility and control that Pathao offers within their delivery service.

 First of all, Pathao offered them 4 different2-hour pick-up slots all over the workday and delivered according to the customer's preferred times. Bunny Store had a lot of customers who made customized delivery requests like they'll only be available in the evenings or early mornings or weekends etc.

So, the owners started putting on little stickers on the delivery boxes, upon which the customer's requested time was mentioned. They mentioned it in the Pathao Dashboard as well, where they could monitor all their packages, delivery status and put in custom requests. And Pathao maintained all those requests perfectly. They even went above and beyond the standard service, they tried to reach the customer three times if he/she was unavailable, and then returned the package to the owners if they couldn't reach the customers.

 And if anything happened to the package when it was in Pathao's hand, they provided compensation for any damage done. Pathao always supported cash-on-delivery and provided the payments to the owners in whichever way they requested, be that by bank deposit or bKash payments. And the dedicated account manager was always available and happy to solve any queries or problems. The Bunny Store was and still is a happy customer of Pathao Delivery Service.

And to add to this little story of a Pathao Delivery user, let me put in some more information that might be of use to you. Pathao now has insurance service for the products.

So, if your products suffer any damage in the Pathao operator's hand, you'll get compensation for your loss. And now they are offering their signature red packaging for free, which will ensure a better look and increased safetyof your valuable products.

E-commerce merchants, your dedicated account manager, and Pathao delivery operators are waiting to serve you. What are you waiting for?

The writer is a IBA student of Dhaka University                       ----Saadman Hussain

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